Sunday, June 17, 2012


That's right I finally got my computer back and it's up and running (a little slow but) fine.
So here's what we've missed. We've started a new clean eating challenge, you still have time to ask questions and get your name on the board. There's also a post on the nutrition blog about craving bad foods and how to fix it. We'll be making a few changes in the gym as well. We'll be putting up a community calendar for upcoming events and ideas, we've been having and will continue to have running seminars throughout the good weather, Dan will be offering his services once a month here at the box to help you learn how to take care of your muscle tissue and so much more.

WOD's of the Weeks:
Mon: 4 rounds:
500 M row,  10 ring push ups,  5 windshield wiper to side to side pull up

run 200 M, 15 high pulls 15 push press, 300 M, 15 and 15, 400 M, 15 and 15, 600 M 15 and 15

AMRAP in 20: 3 dips, 5 burpees broad jump, 2 rope climb

descending ladder of 10 to 4: weighted plank to side extension, c2B pull up to T2B

Below I have (attempted) to post a slideshow of the highlights of the week!


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