Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TUes 1-24 WOD

I know the pics are funky, had to use my phone for kims but she still looks good! Like our shoulders weren't sore enough lets do some cleans ;0)!!!

4 sets
4 high hang power cleans
3 deck power cleans
2 deck squat cleans
add weight every set rest as needed between sets

100 burpees for time every min on the min rope climb

*scores posted in comments below


Jenn Shell said...

Andy: 95/115/135/155 8:09 Rx
Jeremy: 95/115/135/155 9:00 Rx
Josh: 95/115/135/155X2 10:00 Rx
Donna: 25/30/35/40 7:52 box
Connor: 65/85/95/100 7:25 Rx
Kim: 45/50/55/65 8:28 Rx

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