Monday, November 21, 2011

MON 11-21 WOD

1st day of back off working some gymnastics moves you pick.
Pick your 3 worse gymnastics moves and fit them into this WOD based on worse move 1st, 2nd to the worst 2nd and so on.
5 min AMRAP 2 rounds
2 of the hardest exercises
3 of the not as hard exercises
4 of the least hardest
rest 3 minutes


Andy said...

Cori:Ring rows/Push ups/Rev.Hypers..6rds,6rds+2+3
Kim:Rope climb/HSPU/Muscle Up Pro...5rds, 3Rds
Jill:Ab Wheel/Push ups/Squats...7rds, 8rds+2++3+1
Bridget:GHD sit ups/Dips/B.J...7rds, 6rds+2

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