Friday, September 30, 2011

Fri 9-30 WOD

Todays WOD was just a little bit of work for the heart nothing too big.

200 Double unders
1200 M run
2000 M row

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wednes 9-28 WOD

I know I did it again, a tabata in the week, but its a good one.

push up w/hand release
box jumps

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tues. 9-27 WOD

What a nice way to start the WOD today, thanks Dan for the pic this morning!
descending ladder 10 to 1
10 squat cleans (*heavy) 200 M run
9 squat cleans, 200 M run
1 squat clean, 200 m run

Mon 9-27 WOD

A great way to jump back into the work week, OH squat YAY!!

AMRAP in 20 min:
15 OH squats 95#
10 K2E

Let me know how your shoulders feel on Wednesday !

Saturday, September 24, 2011


So the schedule we had for the summer was kinda nice, come and go as you please in the evening, but we're making some changes.

Good news, you get a little say.
New PROPOSED class times are on the whiteboard, check them out and give me feedback I want to be able to accommodate all and not put anyone out, that would be sad. But I need to know by October 10th.
Is that it? Well no now that you ask. We are trying something else new, a class available to all ages (8 and up). A time where kids and their parents can come in a workout together.
This class is for:
1) kids and their parents to workout together (fun family time YAY!!)
2) Adults without kids, who don't mind workout with kids in the facility, and want to get their workouts done a little earlier in the day. (This is only available to the unlimited memberships)
4) Just kids
This class is not for:
1) Adults who want/need adult time (if you are an adult who doesn't want kids in the workout there are other evening times available for you)
2) If you are under 8 or have a hard time focusing on things and people around you

The class will be Mon , Wends and Fri 4-4:45. We'd like to get this started October 10th. I will have flyers and info available Monday (fingers crossed) for those of you who may know families who might enjoy that option.
The bad news.....Well really there isn't any unless you freak with change than you're gonna freak. Sorry.
Other changes
OK so you all know by now I'm pretty laid back about business stuff and scheduling coaches and so on. Well I realize this can sometimes be a bother to those of you who really enjoy consistence and organization (as well as my coaches who are waiting every month to get a schedule of their class times). SO I am jumping on the change train and rolling with it. I will be working hard in the next 2 weeks to produce a semi-permanent coaches schedule. YAY (for you organizational lovers)!!!!! I will post the months on the cork-board at the end of the lobby for all to see, one for us coaches who want to know what our classes are and for all those members who want to know who's going to be yelling at them for that day. If I can figure it out I would also like to post a calendar widget on the blog so you can check it out on the web in case you forget to check it while you're in.
More changes, I know but for right now, I think, this should be the last one. We have a facebook page. Actually we've had it for awhile, but thanks to Carley and Jamie I now know how to "share" the blog with facebook. Those of you that I know have facebook accounts I have sent requests to, in hopes to make it easier for you to view the scores, check the WOD, or even forward our link to friends.

I do believe that should cover it for today, I hope to be able to have a smooth transition with the changes, please let me know your feedback. If you have something you want to say but don't know how I'll take it or not sure how to approach or I'm just not there, please feel free to drop comments, thoughts and the like in the tuition box.

Friday 9/24

I know no pics again what the *&$#! Sorry the problem will be fixed immediately, I was distracted by Carley and Scotts cute new puppy.
Last day of back off and ramping up for some heavy work this coming week. Who loves lifting yell I... I!!!!!!!

3 rounds:
5X5 1 armed kettlebell overhead squat
10 burpees
as long as it takes you to do a round do double unders

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tues and Weds WODs

Wednesdays WOD:
Lifting on the back off today, and looking forward building on these in the next cycle

bench 5X5
power snatch 2/2/2/2
B Squat 3X3

Tuesdays WOD:
working the sprints and form seeing some improvement I know it feels like you're prancing but it'll come.
200 M jog working form

4-300 M sprints rest as long as it took you to sprint

Monday, September 19, 2011

muscle ups Mon 9/19

1st day of the back off week and we're working the muscle up or kipping progression. Pick the WOD that matches your skills needs.

"A" 5 rds
3 chest to bar pull ups
3 armpit to rings dips
5 transitions

"B" 5 rds
AMRAP in 2 min: muscle ups
1 minute rest between rounds

"C" 5 rds
5 swinging pull ups
5 top of bar push offs
10 hip swing attempts

Friday, September 16, 2011

The easy one of the week

OK so I got some good pics honest but I didn't have the memory card in the camera, I know, I'll get it one of these days. (If I can find the cord I'll get em posted)
A big thanks to CrossFit Lynnwood for this format, with a little personal touch added in, the shuttle run really got me.

4 min airdyne
2 min. deadlift 195#/125#
1 min. push press 75#/55#
30 sec. handstand push ups
2 min. sumo deadlift high pull 75#/55#
1 min. overhead squat 75#/55#
30 sec. ring dips
4 min. shuttle run

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hey on time

WOW double unders really suck especially when the WOD calls for 700 . And just a reminder on Connors back what happens when you say you can't do it in this box. ;0)

100 double unders
40 swings
150 double unders
30 swings
200 double unders
20 swings
100 double unders
10 swings

Tuesdays WOD

So how was that hamstring burn-out? gotta love the box jumps before and after the run.

2 rounds of
10 pullups
200 M run
20 box jumps
300 M run
30 pull ups
400 M run
40 box jumps

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Chief

Todays WOD is a benchmark called the Chief its a killer and Im sure you all loved it yay!

5 rounds:
AMRAP in 3 min of
3 power cleans 135/95
6 push ups
9 squats
1 min rest between rounds

Thurs and Fridays wod (sorry it's late)

We did a regularly programmed day on Thurs because we were closed Mon for the holiday and Fri we did a quick little tabata. It was fun, can't you tell by bridgets face.

Thurs WOD
5 rounds:
2X2 russian step ups
4 back squats
8 jerks

row, airdyne, double unders, burpees

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Middle of the week quickie

Just a quick shoulder focus day and some clean work.

superset X4
power clean X4
Front squatX3
Squat cleanX2

100 wall ball sit ups for time
every minute on the minute, overhead med ball throw from knees kip to standing suicide drill