Monday, July 25, 2011

What number am I on?!??!

Ok so I've been hearing from a multitude of little birdies that not everyone is doing every rep for every round. So let's talk about it. 1St lets consider the fact that we are all a little oxygen deprived, in a more specific sense (as Christina says) we bring hell to earth, and maintaining an accurate count, I will confess, has not always been something I am able to do either. Best remedy for this is to restart count at the lower number. So if you can't be sure if you've done 10 or 8 go with the 8. You get the benefit of a harder push to maintain your intensity, the satisfaction that you did the best you could and the comfort in the fact that the number on the board is honest and truthful to the best of your ability.
However, there are those who are missing numbers as a choice and this is a bit of a concern. Why, a first thought is that they are only cheating themselves, they are missing the benefits of the carefully constructed and (if I may say so myself) well thought out programming benefits of our facility. This is very true, but of what concern is that to anyone else but the person who is cheating themselves? (Isn't that bad enough for them as it is.) There in lies the rub. We are a strong community of A type personalities, meaning, we're competitive people and comparing our times with everyone else gives us a sense of accomplishment, drive and, even if we don't get the same or better time, satisfaction in our effort. So, placing falsified times and scores on the board leaves the other members with an unrealistic estimation of the WOD and bringing down moral in a simple sense. (Not really worth it.)
SO the remedy, the coaches and I have talked and we've decided there are times that you are unable to maintain count (as I said I've been there plenty of times) so we'll start doing it for you at random times throughout your workout. After all it is our job to make sure you get the full benefit of the WOD. It won't be something you can depend on, just something that we want to help you all through, to get back on track and really work you to your full ability.


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