Monday, July 11, 2011

working the rope and some Hooverball madness

Had a great WOD today working some gymnastics moves and burning a hole in our shins or like Josh a hole in your shoe, bummer! We're going to be posting a little more WODs that are level based in order to make sure everyone is getting the right kind of intensity and workout. Keep in mind, just because you haven't tested out of a level doesn't mean you have to do that level workout, these are divided to give you the best workout in the amount of time I want you to spend on it.

Saturdays park WOD was a blast! We'll have to do it again soon. Thanks everyone for coming out and joining in. Don't miss our next community event July 29th its guaranteed to be a good time, Night Golf at Ponderosa!! (One of the few chances you'll all get to see me a little tipsy, and apparently it's a pretty good show.)


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