Monday, June 13, 2011

Another lady

Another lady today, and some great news we have some new numbers for the board!!! A big welcome to Amanda who stopped in this morning for a trial month we hope to see you back soon (and next time we'll get a pic.) And a welcome back to Bridget and Jackie, it's so great to see you both back in the gym (and yeah, we'll get those pics next time too.)

Deadlift 225#


Jenn Shell said...

James: 5:49 155#/1 bnd
Amanda: 4:49 25#/12 box
Larry: 21;13 Rx
Andy: 18:35 225#/1-2 bands
Josh:19:26 225#/1 band
Kim: 7:48 135#/1 band
Carley: 7:34 185#/1 band
Scott: 7:46 rx
Bridget: 55#/push ups
Ryan: 9:31 rx
Donna: 8:10 Press
Jackie: 6:46 squats/RR

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