Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nutritionally challenged?

Starting January 3rd we'll be having another clean eating challenge, YAY!!!! The poster board will be up on the door by next Monday. The purpose of this challenge is to help everyone get back into the swing of things at the new year or for those newer members, to get you going on the right nutritional path with support and guidance.

So heres how it works:
1) Every person who decides to participate will sign their name on a line on the chart
2) each day you eat clean you get a star, each day you eat "un-clean" you get a black mark the person with the most stars on their line by the end of the challenge will win a prize (a massage and a gift card at Outback mmmmm)
3) You will be required to keep a food log, which will be turned in at the end of every week to be verified or just checked for any help or guidance that may be needed.
4) There will be before and after pictures taken (for those of you that want to see the changes) and measurements, for result purposes
5) If there is a tie, the food logs will be the breaker

So what is clean eating:
In short, meats, mostly vegys, some to little fruit, and clean fats, (coconut products, nut products (peanuts are not nuts), avocados, raw cocoa, and so on.
We are trying to get the right amount of quality foods to fuel the body but not store fat. Its all about quality not quantity, calorie intake, micros and macros don't matter here. Foods to stay away from: potatoes, grains (noodles, bread, oatmeal, flour), dairy products or any kind, processed sugars, artificial sugars, and additives. So you need to read your labels. If it isn't something you can find in nature, pick and eat, its not gonna fly.
We are adding a twist to this challenge thanks to an idea I got from a friends gym in Tri-Cities (Natural Selection CrossFit). For every day you eat "un-clean" you will be penalized with 50 burpees. These burpees will be performed as a group all at one time after the challenge is complete.

Check our nutrition blog for a food log download or just use a notebook, what ever works best for you.


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