Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back squatting

Worked some lifting and some supplemental work tomorrow and we had our 1st day back for the kids. Great work and good scores looking forward to our 1 RM test week after this cycle.

B squat
3X5+ 60%/70%/80%

supplemental work:
GHD sit ups, toes to bar or ab wheel
commando pull ups

CrossFit Board game


Tiffany said...

Really Andy? Thanks for the nice picture :)

Carley said...

It looks like there needs to be a toilet behind you =) I have some worse pictures though, at least you still look pretty!

Tiffany said...

OMG i didnt even think about that, how embarassing! Thanks carly at 6am i don't feel pretty :)

Jenn Shell said...

Well we all look like that every once in awhile you were just lucky enough to get a pic of it! Sorry Meghan has the same issue with me when she started, I've fixed my photo issues though. Maybe the coaches need to be certified in picture taking too.

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