Monday, September 13, 2010

Who loves Thrusters... I DO!

Todays WOD, from what I've heard from most of you was pretty hard, (my arms are still gooey). It was a great push by everyone today, really hard work!!! The challenge for this month has been set at pistols. Dan came in and cranked out 1 on each side, it was nice to see. Than Kim, 2 minutes after the 75 Thrusters, easily cranks outs 4 on each side, very impressive!! So the number to beat as of the 13th is 4 on both sides.

75 Thrusters 95#/65#
on the minute every minute 5 burpees


Jenn Shell said...

Scott: 14:58 rx
Dan: 15:47 Rx
Connor: 16:57 65#-55#
Larry: 20:48 rx
Katie: 22:53 30#
Ryan: 22:00 Rx
Donna: 11:00 30# box burpees
Andy: 11:01 95# F.squats
Kim: 17:44 65#-55#-45#
Jenn: 11:00 45#

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