Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rope work

2nd day into our back of week and we're working with the ropes today and making some good numbers on the double unders.

3 X 1 minute double unders
1 minute rest between attempts

rope climb working on foot clamp and quick descent


Jenn Shell said...

Connor: 9/2/11
Dan: 62/68/63
Larry: 20/22/21
brandy: 11/12/10
scott: 88/86/90
Kim: 22/21/18
Donna: 6/6/10
Carley: 29/30/25

Carley said...

Its a bird, its a plane... No it just Scott flying through his double unders!!!

Jenn Shell said...

HAHA!! Maybe we should call him Superman from now on

Dan said...

SuperScott - nice work!

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